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Regency romances are a subgenre of the romance genre. They are set between 1811 – 1920, which is the period of British Regency. They generally include intelligent characters and fast-paced dialogue. There is usually close attention paid to historical detail. The matriarch of regency romances is Georgette Heyer, who wrote over a dozen of them between 1935 and 1974. Regency historicals are romances set in the historical time period of the Regency, but the characters may behave according to modern values, rather than those of the Regency time period. Popular regency historical authors include Christina Dodd, Eloisa James, and Amanda Quick. [Wikipedia]

Where appropriate, series titles are given in parenthesis. It is to be assumed that the title is the first book in the series, unless otherwise noted.

Allain, Suzanne. Miss Lattimore’s Letter

Allain, Suzanne. The Ladies Rewrite the Rules

Ashford, Jane. Brave New Earl [Way to a Lord’s Heart]

Balough, Mary. Remember Love [Ravenswood]

Balough, Mary. Someone to Love [Westcott]

Barton, Anne. When She Was Wicked [Honeycote]

Bateman, Kate. Second Duke’s the Charm [Her Majesty’s Rebels]

Bell, Lenora. How the Duke Was Won [Disgraceful Dukes]

Bell, Lenora. You’re the Duke that I Want [Thunderbolt Club]

Bennett, Amy Rose. How to Catch a Wicked Viscount [Disreputable Debutantes]

Bennett, Anna. First Earl I See Tonight [Debutante Diaries]

Bennett, Bethany. Any Rogue Will Do [Misfits of Mayfar]

Berne, Lisa. You May Kiss the Bride [Penhallow Dynasty]

Bowen, Kelly. I’ve Got My Duke to Keep Me Warm [The Lords of Worth]

Boyle, Elizabeth. Along Came a Duke [Rhymes with Love]

Britton, Christina. Some Dukes Have all the Luck [Synneful Spinsters]

Burrowes, Grace. My One and Only Duke [Rogues to Riches]

Burrowes, Grace. The Trouble with Dukes [Windham Brides]

Caldwell, Christi. Along Came a Lady [All the Duke’s Sins]

Conkle, Gina. Meet the Earl at Midnight [Midnight Meetings]

Croucher, Lex. Trouble

Curran, Kitty. My Lady’s Choosing

Dare, Tessa. Romancing the Duke [Castles Ever After]

Devon, Eva. Much Ado About Dukes

Enoch, Suzanne. Every Duke Has His Day

Enoch, Suzanne. Something in the Heir

Gracie, Anne. The Autumn Bride [chance Sisters]

Gracie, Anne. Marry in Haste [Marriage of Convenience]

Gracie, Anne. The Scoundrel’s Daughter [Brides of Bellaire Gardens]

Hall, Alexis J. Something Spectacular [Something Fabulous #2]

Harrington, Anna. An Inconvenient Duke [Lords of the Armory]

Haymore, Jennifer. The Duke’s Rule’s of Engagement

Hunter, Madeline. Heiress for Hire [Duke’s Heiress]

Irwin, Sophie. A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting

James, Eloisa. How to be a Wallflower [Would-be Wallflowers]

James, Eloisa. Much Ado About You [Essex Sisters]

James, Eloisa. Wilde in Love [Wildes of Lindlow Castle]

Jaxon, Jenna. To Woo a Wicked Widow [Widows Club]

Jeffries, Sabrina. The Truth About Lord Stonrville [Hellions of Halstead Hall]

Johnson, Alissa. As Luck Would Have It [Providence Romances]

Jordan, Sophie. A Duke for Diana [Designing Debutantes]

Jordan, Sophie. The Duke Goes Down [Duke Hunt]

Jordan, Sophie. While the Duke Was Sleeping [Rogue Files]

Kleypas, Lisa. Mine Till Midnight [Hathaways]

Leigh, Eva. From Duke Till Dawn [London Underground]

Leigh, Eva. The Good Girl’s Guide to Rakes [Last Chance Scoundrels]

London, Julia. Last Duke Standing [A Royal Match]

Long, Julie Anne. Lady Derring Takes a Lover [Palace of Rogues]

Lorret, Viviene. How to Forget a Duke [Misadventures in Matchmaking]

Lorret, Viviene. Lord Hold Takes a Bride [Mating Habits of Scoundrels]

MacGregor, Janna. The Bad Luck Bride [Cavensham Heiresses]

MacGregor, Janna. A Duke in Time [Widow Rules]

MacLean, Sarah. The Rogue Not Taken [Scandal & Scoundrel]

Maxwell, Cathy. If Ever I Should Love You [Spinster Heiresses]

Murray, Amita. Unladylike Lessons in Love [Marleigh Sisters]

Parish, Samara. How to Survie a Scandal

Quincy, Diana. Her Night with the Duke [Clandestine Affairs]

Quinn, Ella. The Seduction of Lady Phoebe [Marriage Game]

Quinn, Julia. Because of Miss Bridgerton [Rokesby]

Quinn, Julia. Just Like Heaven [Smyth-Smith Quartet]

Quinn, Julia. The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever [Bevelstoke]

Ridley, Erica. The Duke Heist [Wild Wynchesters]

Riley, Vanessa. A Duke, the Lady, and the Baby [Rogues and Remarkable Women]

Romain, Theresa. Fortune Favors the Wicked [Royal Rewards]

Sebastian, Cat. Unmasked by the Marquess [Regency Imposters]

Spencer, Minera. The Boxing Baroness [Wicked Women of Whitechapel]

Waters, Martha. To Have and to Hoax [Regency Vows]

Wilson, Abigail. Within These Guilded Halls