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“LGBT romance is a genre within gay literature and romance fiction focused on same-sex characters who fall in love and have a homosexual or homoromantic relationship. The genre has met with increasing acceptance and sales from the 1980s onward.” [Wikipedia]

Alban, Emma. Don’t Want You Like a Best Friend

Albert, Annabeth. Conventionally Yours

Albert, Annabeth. Out of Character

Albert, Jennet. I Kissed a Girl

Alexander, Kianna. Can’t Let Her Go

Alexander, Kianna. Can’t Resist Her

Alexander, T.J. Chef’s Choice

Alexander, T.J. Second Chances in Port Stephen

Bellefleur, Alexandria. Count Your Lucky Stars

Bellefleur, Alexandria. The Fiance Farce

Bellefleur, Alexandra. Written in the Stars

Blake, Ashley Herring. Delilah Green Doesn’t Care

Charles, K.J. The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen

Croucher, Lex. Infamous

Hall, ALexis J. Boyfriend Material

Hall, Alexis J. A Lady for a Duke

Hall, Alexis J. Something Spectacular

Harper, Lana. Payback’s a Witch

Huntley, Swan. Getting Clean with Stevie Green

Kae, Courtney. In the Event of Love

Kellogg, Camille. Just As You Are

Kelly, Anita. Love and Other Disasters

Ledel, Sam. Worth a Fortune

Lenhardt, Melissa. The Secret of You and Me

McQuinston, Casey. Red, White & Royal Blue

Ripper, Chris. Book Boyfriend

Riley, Fiona. Strike a Match

Roberts, Bethan. My Policeman

Sebastian, Cat. The Soldier’s Scoundrel

Sebastian, Cat. It Takes Two to Tumble

Sebastian, Cat. The Queer Principles of Kit Webb

Sebastian, Cat. We Could Be So Go

Stetz-Waters, Karelia. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Voskuni, Taleen. Sorry, Bro

Wilsner, Meryl. Mistakes Were Made

Wilsner, Meryl. Something to Talk About