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YA Summer Reading 2023

Let’s use this summer to relax! Join the Hopkinton Public Library for the Young Adult summer reading programs. Earn points to qualify for our summer reading prizes. Each point earned will give you a ticket to enter to try to win one of our amazing grand prizes. Teens can participate in one of our two programs: Middle School Summer Reading or High School / College Summer Reading.

How it Works

Questions? We have Answers!

 Do I have to have a library card? Nope, but we will help you get one if you'd like!  You have to have one to borrow materials though. 
 If I'm traveling, can I log points remotely?  Yup!  Just use the READ-SQUARED site from wherever you are and pick up your prizes when you return!
 Do audiobooks count as reading?  Heck yeah!
I have to read a couple of books for school this summer, can I count those books?  Certainly!
I like to read comics or short articles. Can I count those? Yes, we just ask that you read for the equivalent time it would take to finish a short novel (about 3 hours).  
Can I read graphic novels?  Without a doubt. Manga counts too.

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Looking for Hopkinton Middle School Reading Lists?

6th grade reading list

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6th Grade Reading List

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7th Grade Reading List

8th grade reading list download here

Hopkinton Middle School
8th Grade Reading List

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