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A culinary cozy mystery is a subgenre of the mystery fiction genre that focuses on food and drink, usually with a strong focus on recipes. 

The first book in a series is listed, along with the name of the series. Where no series is given, the title is a stand-alone.

Alexander, Ellie. Meet Your Baker [Bakeshop] [see also: Cozy Mysteries]

Beck, Amy. Glazed Murder [Donut Shop]

Buckley, Julia. The Big Chili [Undercover Dish] [see also: Cozy Mysteries]

Buckley, Julia. Death in a Budapest Butterfly [Hungarian Tea House] [see also: Cozy Mysteries]

Burdette, Lucy. An Appetite for Murder [Key West Food Critic]

Burns, Valerie. Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder [Baker Street]

Cambridge, Colleen. Mastering the Art of French Murder [American in Paris]

Campion, Alexander. The Grave Gourmet [Capucini Culinary]

Carl, JoAnna. The Chocolate Cat Caper [Chocoholic]

Cates, Bailey. Brownies and Broomsticks [Magical Bakery]

Chen, Vivien. Death by Dumpling [Noodle Shop] [see also: Cozy Mysteries]

Childs, Laura. Death by Dajeerling [Tea Shop] [see also: Cozy Mysteries]

Chow, Jennifer J. Death by Bubble Tea [LA. Night Market]

Churchill, Jill. A Quiche Before Dying [Jane Jeffry #3]

Cole, Stephanie. Al Dente’s Inferno [Tuscan Cooking School]

Colette, Abby. Body and Soul Food [Books and Biscuts]

Conant, Susan. Steamed [Gourmet Girl]

Corrigan, Maya. By Cook or by Crook [Five Ingredient]

Coyle, Cleo. On What Grounds [Coffeehouse] [see also: Cozy Mysteries]

Crawford, Isis. A Catered Murder [Mystery with Recipes] [see also: Cozy Mysteries]

Davidson, Diane Mott. Catering to Nobody [Goldy Bear] [see also: Cozy Mysteries]

Day, Maddie. Flipped for Murder [Country Store] [see also: Cozy Mysteries]

Delany, Vicki. Tea and Treachery [Tea by the Sea]

Flower, Amanda. Assault and Pepper [Pennsylvania Dutch] [see also:  Cozy Mysteries]

Fluke, Joanne. Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder [Hannah Swensen] [see also:  Cozy Mysteries]

George, Emily. A Half Baked Murder [Cannabis Cafe]

Graves, Sarah. Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake [Chocolate Covered] [see also:  Cozy Mysteries]

Greenwood, Kerry. Heavenly Pleasures [Corrina Chapman #2]

Hyzy, Julie State of the Onion [White House Chef]

Manansala, Mia P. Arsenic and Adobo [Tita Rosie’s Kitchen]

Mathews, Olivia. Against the Currant [Spice Isle Bakery]

Maxwell, Jessa. The Golden Spoon

Mayle, Peter. The Vintage Caper [Sam Levitt]

Myers, Tamar. Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth [Pennsylvania Dutch] [see also:  Cozy Mysteries]

Pence, Joanne. Something’s Cooking [Angie Amalfi]

Pershing, Amy. A Side of Murder [Cape Cod Foodie]

Pickard, Nancy. The Cooking School Murders [Eugenia Potter]

Pickens, Cathy. Southern Fried [Southern Fried]

Popp, Misha. Magic, Lies, and Deadly Pies [Pies Before Guys]

Reilly, Linda S. Up to No Gouda [Grilled Cheese Mysteries]

Reyes, Raquel. V. Mango, Mambo, and Murder [Caribbean Kitchen]

Temple, Lou Jane. Death by Rhubarb [Heaven Lee]

Wenger, Christine Anne. Do or Diner [Comfort Food] [see also:  Cozy Mysteries]