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Meet our materials.

Our Young Adult collection is all about meeting the informational and recreational needs of the tweens, teens, and new adults in our community. We’ve developed some identification methods to help you find the perfect book, Playaway, comic, magazine, or game.

 general Young adult books on a shelf in the collection.

YA General Collection


This is the bread and butter of the YA collection. These books have teen characters that are in situations most teens would find easy to relate to.

Middle school YA Books on shelf with "purple dot"

Perfect for Middle School


The “Purple Dot” collection is perfect for middle school! Readers will find characters that are tween-age, and dealing with middle-school situations. These books have their own section in the YA room!

New Adult books with "blue dots" on spine

New Adult Materials


New Adult novels have small blue dots that let readers know that they will contain characters who are nearing college age or are just embarking on their adult lives. The books cover topics that older teens and early 20s young adults may find interesting. New Adult books are filed within our YA general collection.

Playaway audio books on a shelf

Playaway Audio Books

Fiction and Non-Fiction

Playaways are the next generation of audiobooks! They are small devices that can be used with headphones or plugged into a car stereo or speaker. We lend auxiliary cables as well, if you need one.

Manga Books on a Shelf



Manga is the latest classification to get its own section within the YA room. Manga is a form of graphic novel that reads from the back cover to the front cover. It originated in Japan, but has gained incredible popularity in America in the last 20 years.

Graphic Novels on a Shelf

Graphic Novels

Fiction and Non-Fiction

Graphic novels also have their own section! Graphic novels are books that merge pictures, dialogue, and narrative text. We have a large selection of both fiction and non-fiction graphic novels.

Comic Books on shelf

Comic Books and Magazines


We offer many teen interest comic books and magazines for young adults to use in the library or check out and read at home.

Shelf of New books

New Books


The HPL’s Young Adult Department showcases books that we have purchased and catalogued in the past three months in a separate section. Look here for your new favorite book!

Study books on a shelf

Test Prep and Study Materials

Fiction and Non-Fiction

These test preparation materials help you ace that next exam or get into your dream school. Check them out in the YA Room.

Check Out What’s New in the YA Collection!

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Other Teen Interest Offerings Located Throughout the Library

  • In the Adult Section on the Lower Level:
  • In the Adult Section on the Main Floor:
    • Video Games
    • General Interest Magazines
    • Music CDs
    • DVDs
    • Ellsworth Reading Room
    • Craft Swap (in the Ellsworth Reading Room)
  • In the Children’s Section On the Top Floor
    • Children’s materials
    • Book donation drop off shelf