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Definition of Ghost Story Genre:

“Books in this genre have stories that have ghosts or ghostly circumstances. They are stories about the intrusion of spirits of the dead into the realm of the living. Sometimes the ghosts appear of their own accord or through the summoning of magic. The ghosts, or spirits, can also be linked to objects. The ghost story genre is about hauntings and other scary type stories, linking it to horror.” [Book Genre Dictionary]

Armstrong, Jess. The Curse of Penryth Hall

Baker, Jo. The Telling

Bohjalian, Chris. The Night Strangers

Chapman, Clay McLeod. Ghost Eaters

Chupeco, Rin. The Girl from the Well

Coates, Darcy. The Carrow Haunt

Coates, Darcy. Gallows Hill

Coates, Darcy. Haunting of Ashburn House

Coates, Darcy. Haunting of Blackwood Housae

Coates, Darcy. Haunting of Rookward House

Coates, Darcy. The Whispering Dead

Compton, Johnny. The Spite House

Dick, R.A. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Donohue, Keith. The Boy Who Drew Monsters

Entwistle, Vaughn. The Angel of Highgate

Fluke, Joanne. The Other Child

Gillespie, D.W. One by One

Golder, Christopher. Snowblind

Hill, Joe. Heart-Shaped Box

Koike, Mariko. The Graveyard Apartment

Koontz, Dean. Odd Thomas

Kortya, Michael. The Ridge

Masterson, Graham. Forest Ghost

Masterson, Graham. The House of a Hundred Whispers

McMahon, Jennifer. The Invited

Monroe, Katrina. Graveyard of Lost Children

Newman, Kim. An English Ghost Story

Olde, Thomas Heuvelt. Hex

Orlando, Carissa. The September House

Owen, Lauren. Small Angels

Priest, Cherie. The Family Plot

Priest, Cherie. The Toll

Pyper, Andrew. The Damned

Reukulak, Jason. Hidden Pictures

Rice, Christopher. The Vines

Rumfitt, Alison. Tell Me I’m Worthless

Sager, Riley, Home Before Dark

Springer, Nancy. Grandghost

St. James, Simone. The Broken Girls

St. James, Simone. Silence for the Dead

Stein, Garth. A Sudden Light

Straub, Peter. Ghost STory

Thomas, Scott. Kill Creek

Tremblay, Paul. Disappearance at Devil’s Rock

Waters, Sarah. The Little Stranger

Webb, Wendy. The Vanishing

Wurth, Erika T. White Horse