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Fines and Fees
  Loan period Fine per item per day Maximum fine Renewable?
Books 3 weeks $.10 $3.00 Yes
Books on CD
Music CDs
3 weeks $.10 $3.00 Yes
DVDs 1 week $.25 $5.00 Yes
Magazines 1 week
(most recent issue does not circulate)
$.10 $3.00 Yes

Fines totaling $10 or more must be paid before borrowing more items.
If you damage or lose an item, there is replacement fee.
Hopkinton residents over 60 are exempt from late fines.
Fine amnesty for materials ret
urned that day​, is the last Wednesday of the month. 

Paying Fines Online

You may now pay fines and donate money with your credit card online. Fines must amount to $5 or more to pay online.

To pay fines $5 and up click "Login to my account" at the top of the catalog page. After logging in, click "pay fines" on the right side of page and complete the form.
Please note: there are no refunds for found materials after lost fine has been paid. We are happy to renew your item to give you more time to locate it.