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Summer Reading 2022: "Read Beyond the Beaten Path!"

Just like the last two summers, we are taking summer reading online! We will be using the same platform called BookPoints

Families can begin registering by clicking the register button below
starting at 9am on Thursday, June 23th, 2022.


Don't forget to enter the Secret Code 'READ' when you sign-up for your first 25 points!

Click HERE for a PDF of Registration Instructions

Given that reading abilities and interests greatly differ among kids, we have created three different programs to choose from in BookPoints:


Reader Program
Hopkins Reader
Recommended for kids
ages 0-5
(kids who have not yet
started kindergarten).
Recommended for
kids ri
sing into
1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade
in September 2022.

Recommended for
kids r
ising into
4th or 5th grade
in September 2022.


Kids Can Earn Points in 3 Different Ways:

Watch an informational video here:

Here is a preview of the Summer Reading Prize Store
in the Children's Department


Do I need 1 account per household or 1 per reader?
You only need to create 1 account per household. You will be able to add multiple readers to the account. Each reader will be able to select the program of their choice!

How do I add a reader?
Follow these instructions if you are having trouble entering a reader:

What should kids be reading?
Participants are free to read anything. The schools have suggested summer reading lists (please see the ‘Reading Lists’ tab at the top of BookPoints). Remember, these are just suggestions. These lists can also be found lower down on this webpage.

Where do I find 'Secret Codes'?
Participants will earn secret codes when they attend library programs.

How do I claim a prize?
Visit the Children's Department to select a prize. Kids can earn up to 3 prizes!

I made a mistake entering a reader. How do I change a reader or delete a reader?
Locate the ‘HELP’ tab at the top of BookPoints. Fill out the ‘Ask a Question’ form. Your question will be sent to the librarians who will help fix any errors!
Also, while you cannot delete a reader, you can always add the reader again (into the correct program) and use that reader profile instead. The librarians can delete the duplicate (erroneous reader) later.

I entered my reading minutes twice. How do I remove them from my reading log/what should I do?
Unfortunately there isn't a great way to remove minutes once they are entered. The best way to handle this is to do additional reading equal to the number of extra minutes entered (just don't log the minutes again). No worries and we appreciate your honesty!



Looking for the school reading lists? Look no further! Remember, the school lists are suggestions! 


Kids are welcome to read anything they want when completing their program in BookPoints! Happy reading!


Book Suggestions for Rising 1st Graders (By Mrs. Mason & Mrs. Mello, Marathon School Library)


Book Suggestions for Rising 2nd Graders (By Mrs. Leibel, ElmwoodSchool Library)

Book Suggestions for Rising 3rd Graders (By Mrs. Leibel, ElmwoodSchool Library)


Book Suggestions for Rising 4th Graders (By Mrs. Pardee, HopkinsSchool Library)


Book Suggestions for Rising 5th Graders (By Mrs. Pardee, HopkinsSchool Library